Molecular Diagnosis of Sunn Pest (Eurygaster Integriceps)


  • Amir Sufyan Shaker Abbas Al Hadithi College of Agriculture, Tikrit University, Saladin Governorate, Iraq
  • Mohammed Shakir Mansor College of Agriculture, Tikrit University, Saladin Governorate, Iraq


Sunn pest, Eurygaster integriceps, Scutelleridae family


Sun pests (Eurygaster integriceps) pose a significant threat to wheat and barley production, necessitating effective control strategies. Molecular tools like DNA barcoding and analysis of the cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 (COI) gene offer promising avenues for species identification. However, the specific application of these techniques for sunn pest identification remains underexplored. Addressing this gap, our research aimed to utilize DNA barcoding and COI gene analysis for accurate sunn pest species differentiation. Our results demonstrate that DNA barcoding is a suitable diagnostic approach, particularly through COI gene amplification, enabling reliable species identification compared to reference sequences from GenBank or Boldsystems. This finding not only fills a crucial knowledge void but also provides opportunities for tailored treatments targeting sunn pests, thereby enhancing crop protection measures.


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