About the Journal

International Journal of Biological Engineering and Agriculture with 2833-5376 ISSN is a peer-reviewed open-access international journal. Openly accessible IJBEA provides wider sharing of knowledge and the acceleration of research, and is thus in the best interest of authors, and potential readers, and increases the availability, accessibility, visibility, and impact of the papers, and the journal as a whole. IJBEA aims to promote agricultural and biological engineering, increase academic prosperity, and foster international academic exchange and cooperation.  This journal provides a platform for sharing the latest high-quality research concerning agricultural, food and biological engineering and the application of these engineering techniques in all areas of agriculture. The journal features works of great significance, originality, and relevance in all the concerned areas. Our readers are from the international scientific community and may include educators, policymakers, agricultural engineers and scientists, and interested members of the public around the world.

Please note that you can help to maintain and achieve greater success by Publishing your high-quality research papers in IJBEA, Reviewing papers for IJABE if requested, and Citing related papers published in IJBEA as much as possible in your own publications (short for supporting IJBEA via PRC), and also by encouraging your colleagues, students and friends to do so. You are invited to submit your next high-quality manuscript (in particular review papers) to IJBEA.

IJABE covers but is not limited to the following 10 technical disciplines:

1 Applied Science, Engineering and Biology (ASEB)
2 Animal, Plant and Facility Systems (APFS)
3 Biosystems, Biological and Ecological Engineering(BBEE)
4 Power and Machinery Systems (PMS)
5 Natural Resources and Environmental Systems (NRES)
6 Information Technologies, Control Systems and Sensors (ITCSS)
7 Renewable Energy and Material System (REMS)
8 Agro-product & Food Processing Systems (AFPS)
9 Safety, Health and Ergonomics (SHE)
10 Emerging Science, Engineering and Technologies (ESET)

Types of articles:
Cover Caption, Editorial, Research Highlights, Science News, Policy & Education Forum, Perspectives, Correspondence, Commentary, Brief Communications, Previews, Mini-reviews, Review, Research Articles, Book and Media Reviews, Corrections, Advance Online Publication, Advertisement.
Languages: English