Adsorption Study of Highly Selective Adsorbents Obtained from Navbahor Bentonite


  • Mamadoliev Ikromjon Ilkhomidinovich Department of Medicinal Chemistry of Samarkand State Medical University.
  • Mirzakobilov Jonibek Almasovich Academic Lyceum Samarkand State Medical University
  • Himmatullayev Jahongir Hikmat o`'g'li Student of group 201 of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Samarkand State University



Sol-gel, template, bentonite, derivatograph, silicate module, hexamethylenediamine, Crystallization, X-ray fluorescent


Silicon adsorbents (YuKA) from navbahor bentonite of Navoi region was carried out with the participation of various organic compounds (templates) according to the "Zol-gel" technology. For this, crystals were formed by adding hexamethylenediamine and alcohol fraction as a template to liquid glass (29% , 9% , 62% )  After the completion of the crystallization process, the solid phase was separated from the solution using a Buchner funnel and dried in a SShU-m1 drying cabinet to 120°C and fired at 550°C in a SNOL 30/1100 muffle furnace for 8 hours to remove the template . Navbahor bentonite was crystallized for 8-9 hours and the elements and oxides content (mass, %) of Yuka samples were analyzed by X-ray fluorescence and Bentonite's derivatographic curves.




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Mamadoliev Ikromjon Ilkhomidinovich, Mirzakobilov Jonibek Almasovich, & Himmatullayev Jahongir Hikmat o`’g’li. (2022). Adsorption Study of Highly Selective Adsorbents Obtained from Navbahor Bentonite. International Journal of Inclusive and Sustainable Education, 1(6), 239–246.