Focus & Scope

The International Journal of Health Systems and Medical Sciences (ISSN 2833-7433) is a distinguished open-access, peer-reviewed research journal. We are committed to providing an inclusive platform for the publication of exceptional manuscripts of the highest quality. Our esteemed journal caters to a diverse range of academic interests, which are detailed as follows:

  1. Original Research: We welcome submissions of groundbreaking research studies that contribute to the advancement of health systems and medical sciences knowledge.

  2. Patient Case Reports: We invite practitioners to share noteworthy patient cases that can provide valuable insights and lessons for the broader medical community.

  3. Innovative Scientific Articles: We encourage authors to submit articles that present novel ideas, techniques, or methodologies within the realm of health systems and medical sciences.

  4. Insightful Suggestions: We are open to receiving well-founded proposals aimed at improving existing practices, policies, or procedures in the healthcare field.

  5. Novel Concepts: We appreciate submissions that introduce new theories, models, or frameworks that can potentially enhance the understanding and application of health systems and medical sciences.

In order to maintain rigorous academic standards, all submitted articles undergo a thorough double-blind peer review process, conducted by experts in the respective fields. Our dedication to fostering a polite and respectful environment for intellectual discourse ensures that each aspect of the journal's scope is meticulously addressed, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in the realm of health systems and medical sciences.