About the Journal

International Journal of Health Systems and Medical Sciences  ISSN 2833-7433- is an open-access, peer review research journal. The academic health science journal targets to provide open opportunities for the publication of the highest-quality manuscripts. The journal is dedicated to research or other academic topics, patient reports, interesting new scientific articles, suggestions, and new concepts that will be beneficial to medical professionals, public health workers, and any other readers interested in this field. All articles are double-blindly peer-reviewed by experts in the corresponding field.

IJHSMS covers but is not limited to the following 10 technical disciplines:

1 Applied Science, Medicine and Technology (ASMT)
2 Healthcare, Life Science and Facility Systems (HLSFS)
3 Medico - systems, Biological and Ecological Engineering(MBEE)
4 Medical Sciences, Power and Machinery Systems (MSPMS)
5 Natural Resources and Environmental Systems (NRES)
6 Information Technologies, Control Systems and Sensors (ITCSS)
7 Renewable Energy and Material System (REMS)
8 Agro-product & Food Processing Systems (AFPS)
9 Safety, Health and Ergonomics (SHE)
10 Emerging Science, Engineering and Technologies (ESET)

Types of articles on IJHSMS:

Cover Caption, Editorial, Research Highlights, Science News, Policy & Education Forum, Perspectives, Correspondence, Commentary, Brief Communications, Previews, Mini-reviews, Review, Research Articles, Book and Media Reviews, Corrections, Advance Online Publication, Advertisement.
Languages: English