Morphometric Features of Membranous Glomerulonephritis with Nephrotic Syndrome and Correlation of Morphological and Laboratory Indicators


  • Allaberdiev B. T. Tashkent State Dental Institute



nephrotic syndrome, morphological form of glomerulonephritis


The results of biopsies obtained from patients with nephrotic syndrome were studied. Necessary material for research was collected from patients, who were on treatment and nephrological department of the 1st polyclinic MZ RUz. A comprehensive clinical and laboratory examination was performed in 104 patients. Of these, 58 had a proteinuric form of chronic glomerulonephritis. The mean age of the patients was 24.9±5.2 years. Depending on the morphological variant of glomerulonephritis, all patients were divided into 5 groups. The data of the correlation analysis of the studied morphometric parameters and the data of routine laboratory studies made it possible to create a mathematical model that can be used to determine the morphological form of chronic glomerulonephritis.


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