Observation of the Immuno-Pathogenetic State of Measles in Adults


  • Arashova Gulnora Amirkulovna Bukhara State Medical Institute




measles, rash, enanthema, fever, lymphadenopathy


In all adult patients, the data of an epidemiological history and anamnesis of the development of the disease, the clinical course of the disease were analyzed, a clinical and laboratory examination was conducted, which made it possible to identify the clinical features of this disease in adults at the present stage. Under control, in 2020, there were 52 adult patients aged 15 to 51 years treated at the Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, teenagers 9.6%, persons aged 18 to 29 years accounted for 25%, 30 to 51 years old accounted for 65.4%, dominated by men.


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