Self-Care Behaviors Concerning Minor Discomforts Management Between Primigravida And Multigravida During Pregnancy in Karbala City


  • Fatima Shamkhi Atiyah University of Kerbala
  • Sajidah Saadoon Oleiwi University of Kerbala


Self-Care Behaviors, Pregnant Women, Minor Discomforts, Primigravida And Multigravida


The ability to perform self-care requirements or needs for maintaining health and well-being is referred to as self-care Behavior . The fast rising hormones during pregnancy alter the mother's body and may result in what are known as minor disorders. Pregnant women benefit from self-care behaviors regarding minor discomforts and practices during the prenatal period; therefore, women's knowledge and practices regarding self-care behavior are essential for protecting their health.

This study aimed to evaluate primigravida and multigravida women's self-care behavior  concerning minor disorder management of pregnancy discomfort. By contrasting their concerning behavior regarding self-care with management of specific minor discomforts, ascertain the relationship between the reproductive and demographic characteristics of primigravid and multigravida women and their self-care behavior for managing particular minor discomforts.

The current investigation uses quantitative methods to conduct a descriptive study. A non-probability sample of 350 was used for three trimesters (127 primigravida and 223 multigravida). The primary healthcare facilities in Holy Karbala City served as the study's sites. As explained in the methods section, the questionnaire was designed with three sections. The questionnaire consists of ninety-five items. The information was gathered via the questionnaire. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 26 was utilized for data analysis and interpretation. The results showed that housewives, nuclear families, bachelor degree holders, and individuals in their 20s and 30s made up the majority of the study sample. The results of this study showed that self-care behaviors were moderate. The study's findings demonstrated that pregnant women also used moderate self-care behavior  for minor discomforts. a statistically significant correlation between the level of education, occupation, and family type of pregnant women and their overall self-care behaviors, with p-values of.001,.002, and.004 respectively. Furthermore, there is a significant correlation (p-values =.001,.002,.008,.050, and.011, respectively) between the total self-care behaviors of pregnant women and their gravidity, number of abortions, parity, and length of marriage.


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