A Framework for Patient-Centric Consent Management Using Blockchain Smart Contracts in Predictive Analysis for Healthcare Industry


  • Md Ashiqur Rahman Management Information System, College of Business, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, US
  • Mahmudul Hasan Management Information Systems, College of Business, Beaumont, Texas, USA
  • Md Mostafizur Rahman Management Information Systems, College of Business, Beaumont, Texas, USA
  • Momotaj Management Information Systems, College of Business, Beaumont, Texas, USA


Blockchain, Consent Management, Healthcare Analytics, Patient Autonomy, Data Security


This paper explores the development and evaluation of a blockchain-powered consent management system designed to enhance patient autonomy and security in healthcare predictive analytics. By leveraging blockchain technology, the proposed system introduces a robust framework for managing patient consent in a transparent, immutable, and secure manner. The system architecture prioritizes patient privacy, incorporating a permissioned blockchain model, Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism, and smart contracts with detailed consent logic. These elements facilitate a dynamic and user-centric approach to consent management, allowing patients to grant, revoke, or modify their consent in real time. A pilot study and simulated environment are proposed to evaluate the system's usability, security, and timeliness of consent updates. The anticipated outcomes suggest significant improvements in patient control over health data, compliance with regulatory standards, and auditability of consent actions. This research underscores the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize consent management in healthcare, promising a future where patient data is managed with unparalleled integrity and respect.


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