Identifying the Factors Affecting the Productivity of the Nursing Service: Applied Research at Khalis General Hospital


  • Muhammad Zaid Abbas Al-Jurani



productivity of nursing services, factors affecting productivity


Measure the productivity of nursing services and identify the reality of providing these services in Khalis General Hospital , as well as identifying the most important factors affecting the productivity of nursing services . The scale developed by the researcher was adopted ( Kien, 2012 Which includes seven factors (manpower, management team, motivation, pressure of working hours (time), materials/equipment, supervision, safety), Use the experimental method In research, it is one of the methods for scientific research It relies primarily on scientific experimentation and the study of a scientific topic or phenomenon , which provides an opportunity to know the facts through these experiments . For the purpose of measuring the factors affecting the productivity of nursing services, the research included a sample of nurses working in Al- Khalis General Hospital . As for the research sample, a group of male and female nurses working in the field of providing nursing services to the hospital under study was selected. They numbered (181) male and female nurses, and ( 80) forms were retrieved , equivalent to (44%) of them . The scale was subjected to validity and reliability tests, and many statistical methods were used, such as factor analysis, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, T-test , and the Kaiser -Meyer-Olkin exploratory scale. Kaiser - Meyer - Olkin ) and Bartlett 's test Which measures correlations between variables as well as the Mann-Whitney U test  The significant differences between the answers of the nurses in the hospital studied , and using the statistical program (SPSS) The research reached a number of conclusions, perhaps the most prominent of which is that the approved distribution of the preparation of nurses to the various departments in this hospital is not appropriate to the needs of these departments, which has led to a high workload on some nurses, especially in the consultation and emergency departments, with the lack of appropriate incentives for nurses that match the tasks assigned to them. In addition، the wages granted to them do not equal the effort expended by them, and there are no opportunities given to them to develop their skills and complete their studies. All of this contributed greatly to the lack of motivation to work. The research recommended a number of recommendations, including the need to take into account the needs of each hospital department. of nurses and according to the number of sick patients present in each department in order to distribute the workload equally among all nurses in this hospital , in addition to reconsidering the rewards and incentives granted to them and granting them in a way that is compatible with the seriousness and volume of work within the hospital under investigation.


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