Nurses’ Knowledge Regarding Communication with Altered Level of Consciousness Patients


  • Amer J. Kadush Assistant Instructor, Adult Health Nursing Department, University of Al-Muthanna, College of Nursing



Nurses, knowledge, Communication, Consciousness


Background: One of the cornerstones of professional nursing practices and the skill of providing patients with holistic care, particularly in an intensive care unit, is effective communication.

Objectives: The study aimed to assess nurses’ knowledge regarding Communication with Altered Level of Consciousness Patients.

Methodology: A descriptive study was conducted on the nurses in Al-Samawah city at Al-Hussein teaching hospital. This study started from 1 April 2023 to 30 September 2023.

A randomized (simple random sample) sample of (50) nurses. The data were collected through the utilization of a developed questionnaire, through multiple choice questions. Validity of the questionnaire was determined through pilot study and reliability determined through a panel of experts consist of (15) experts.

Results: High level communication was achieved with patients who had altered levels of consciousness.

Conclusions: The study concluded that the knowledge level of Communication with Altered Level of Consciousness Patients is high in Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital.

Recommendations: Based on the findings, the study advised that it is imperative to raise nursing education and hire more skilled and competent nurses with high standards-oriented abilities to implement Glasgow coma scale neurological assessment in neurosurgical wards.


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