Errors and Complications in the Treatment of Periodontitis in Pregnant Women with Iron Deficiency Anemia


  • Sodiqova Shoira Amriddinovna
  • Muxtorov Anvar, Toshbotirova Maftuna, Ziyodullayeva Munisa Students of the 506th group, Samarkand State Medical University



periodontitis, pregnant women, iron deficiency anemia, treatment errors, complications, hormonal fluctuations, preterm birth, low birth weight, collaborative care, medication prescriptions, oral health, obstetric care


Periodontitis, a prevalent inflammatory condition affecting the supporting structures of the teeth, poses a significant challenge, especially when it coincides with other health complications. Pregnant women, already susceptible to various health issues, face heightened risks when grappling with periodontitis, particularly when accompanied by iron deficiency anemia. This article delves into the errors and complications that may arise during the treatment of periodontitis in pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia, shedding light on the importance of an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to address these complex health concerns.


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Sodiqova Shoira Amriddinovna, & Muxtorov Anvar, Toshbotirova Maftuna, Ziyodullayeva Munisa. (2023). Errors and Complications in the Treatment of Periodontitis in Pregnant Women with Iron Deficiency Anemia. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEALTH SYSTEMS AND MEDICAL SCIENCES, 2(11), 124–127.