Prevention of Complications in the Postoperative Period when Treating Ventral Hernia


  • Gaziev Karim Umarovich Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of Faculty and Hospital Surgery department Bukhara State Medical Institute



postoperative ventral hernia, polypropylene mesh implant, prevention of complications


The use of synthetic materials for hernial orifice repair in patients with postoperative ventral hernias (POVH) has reduced the incidence of wound complications. However, the success of surgical treatment of patients with POVH largely depends on complete preparation for surgery, the choice of the optimal method of alloplasty and rational management of the patient in the postoperative period. An analysis of the results of surgical treatment of 143 patients with POVH for the period 2018-2022, operated on at the regional multidisciplinary medical center (RMMC), was carried out. For plastic surgery of the hernial orifice, a polypropylene mesh implant “Paha” (Turkey) was used. In 65 (45.4%) patients, supraponeurotic (on1au) plastic surgery was performed, and in 78 (54.5%), sublay type plastic surgery was used. In the early postoperative period, general complications occurred in 7 (4.8%) patients, wound complications - in 15 (10.5%) patients, mortality was 0.69%. To improve the results of surgical treatment of patients with POVH, a number of recommendations should be followed. In the preoperative period, it is useful to conduct a comprehensive examination of patients with the development of an individual program for the prevention of wound, thromboembolic and pulmonary complications.


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