Ultrasound Examination as an Important Part of Clinical Diagnostics


  • Nasriddinov Behruz Zayni ugli Department of medical radiology and nuclear medicine, Bukhara State Medical Institute
  • Soxibova Ziyoda Rakhmonovna Department of medical radiology and nuclear medicine, Bukhara State Medical Institute




ultrasound, clinical diagnostics, imaging


Ultrasonography has advantages over other imaging modalities in terms of availability and comfort, safety, and diagnostic potential. Recent advances of clinical diagnosis are largely determined by the improvement of research methods. Significant leap in this regard was made by the development and introduction of fundamentally new ways of medical imaging, including ultrasound method. Extremely valuable is the ability of ultrasound to visualize the internal structure of the solid organ that was not available in the traditional X-ray. Due to the high information content and reliability of the ultrasonic method of diagnosis of many diseases and injuries has risen to a new level. The author has carried out an analysis of numerous literary sourcaes and concluded that ultrasound has a high diagnostic capability and prognostic value of advanced new technologies in the diagnosis of various pathologies. Ultrasonography using a high-resolution technology in the clinic allows us to differentiate the severity of the pathological process, determine its dynamics and reliably monitor the effectiveness of treatment.


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