Immunodiagnostic Prognosis of Perinatal Pathology in Women Which Complicated Births with Preeclampsia


  • Adizova Sarvinoz Rizoqulovna Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology-2, Bukhara State Medical Institute, Abu Ali Ibn Sina of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan


preeclampsia, perinatal pathology, cytokines


Objective. Тo study the role of proinflammatory cytokines in complicated labor, to develop optimal tactics of pregnancy, with simultaneous prediction of the course of birth and the postpartum period.

Subject and methods. Examined in blood serum the content of proinflammatory interleukins in 95 pregnant women, 75 of them with preeclampsia in perinatal pathology before and after induction and 20 with the physiological birth.

Results. The concentration of il-6 increased by 14.3 times, which meant the generalization of the inflammatory process. In the analyzes of 75 women with preeclampsia with antenatal fetal death, none of them had normal results, on the contrary, in 8 samples they were 8.2 times larger, amounting to 73ng/ml.

Conclusion. In general, the prognostic value of pro- inflammatory cytokines in perinatal pathologies is high and varies from 62.2% to 81% which can be recommended as one of the reliable markers for the diagnosis of perinatal pathology and as monitoring the course of the inflammatory process, which may develop in childbirth and the postpartum period, as well as to predict the outcome of the pathological condition of the fetus and mother during pregnancy.


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