Clinical Estimate of the Efficacy of Osteoplastic Material Osteon Collagen 3 in Filling Jawbone Defects by Socket Preservation Method


  • Jdanov A
  • Hatipova M
  • Abdullaev Sh Tashkent State Dental Institute
  • Jumaev F Tashkent State Dental Institute
  • Sarbaev E. Tashkent State Dental Institute



socket preservation, extraction tooth, alloplastic material, dPTFE membrane, collagen membrane, Osteon collagen


After the extraction of a tooth in the alveolar ridge the mechanism of irreversible changes is triggered, in particular, the ridge itself in the area of   the tooth socket begins to decrease in volume and morphologically transform. These changes subsequently create unfavorable conditions for prosthetics procedures in the extraction site and sometimes the impossibility of installing the implant (2, 3). Preventive measures on the part of the dental surgeon and in particular the manipulation of the tooth socket, which help to preserve its volume, help not only to carry out the implantation procedure in this place, but also to achieve an excellent aesthetic and functional result when prosthetic on the implant. Such measures can be applied thanks to the modern development of technological production of modern technologies for the creation of materials for guide bone regeneration (GBR). The possibility of using the none resorbed and the resorbed barrier membrans with only one substitute material Osteon Collagen 3 for preserving alveolar ridge after tooth removal was disclosing in this article.


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