Course of Outpatient Pneumonia in Children of Early Age Depending on the Premorbid Background


  • Turayev Telmon Temirovich Department of Pediatrics, Bukhara State Medical Institute



children, community-acquired pneumonia, empiric antibiotic therapy


The article analyzes the current situation with antibiotic resistance in S.pneumoniae. Local (regional) data on the sensitivity of pneumococcus to aminopenicillins, macrolides, cephalosporins, traditionally used in empiric antibiotic therapy for community-acquired pneumonia in children under 5 years of age, are presented. The main principles of rational antibiotic therapy based on the analysis of modern domestic and foreign guidelines for the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia are outlined. Insignificant differences were noted in the schemes of empirical antibiotic therapy, due to the peculiarities of local resistance of S.pneumoniae in different states. The correctness of some provisions of empirical antibiotic therapy for community-acquired pneumonia in children of early and preschool age is discussed.


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