Calf Gender with Milk Traits Relationship on Buffaloes


  • Ahmed Raisan Alkhateeb Department of Animal production, College of Agriculture, University of Al-Muthanna, Iraq



Bubalis bubalis, calf gender, milk yield and component


The study investigates the relationship between calf gender and milk traits in buffaloes (Bubalis bubalis) in Iraq during the 2018/2019 lactating season. Despite extensive research on buffalo milk production, the specific impact of calf gender on milk traits remains underexplored. Using a sample of 700 milk analyses from 72 buffaloes, fat, protein, and lactose percentages were measured alongside daily milk yield. Results showed a significant effect (P≤0.05) of calf gender on daily milk yield, with higher yields for cows birthing male calves (7.77 ±0.48 liters) compared to female calves (6.22 ±0.51 liters). However, calf gender did not significantly influence the percentages of protein, fat, lactose, and solid-not-fat (SNF) components. These findings suggest that while calf gender impacts overall milk yield, it does not affect milk composition, highlighting the potential for targeted breeding strategies using sexed semen to optimize milk production and economic outcomes for dairy farmers. Further research with larger samples over multiple seasons is recommended to confirm these findings.


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