Effect of Adding Different Levels of Moringa oleifera Leaves Extract to Drinking Water on Some Physiological traits of Broiler (Ross 308)


  • Batoul Abed_alnaby Shaker Alfurat Al-Awsat Technical University, Kufa
  • Nihad Abdul-Lateef Ali AL-Qasim Green University2, Babylon, Iraq


Nano-Alcoholic Extract Of Moringa Oleifera Leaves, Physiological Characteristics, Broiler Chickens


The Department of Animal Production at the College of Agriculture / Al-Qasim Green University conducted this experiment in the poultry farm to examine the effects on a few physiological traits of broiler chickens of adding varying levels of Moringa oleifera leaf nano-alcoholic extract (MOLE) to drinking water. 180 unsexed one-day-old Ross broiler chicks were utilized. Four groups  were randomly assigned to them, 45 birds were used for each group, and each group was repeated three times (15 birds each replicate). The following were the experimental groups : the initial group (control), which involved not putting (MOLE) in the drinking water. The second group involved adding 10 milliliters (ml) of 0.02% level (MOLE) per liter of drinking water. The third group was the addition of a 10 ml/liter dose of a 0.04% level of (MOLE). The fourth group involved adding a 10 ml/liter dose of a 0.06% level of (MOLE). The following characteristics were examined in the experiment: hematological characteristics, including the number of red and white blood cells, packed cell volume, and hemoglobin level; biochemical characteristics, including all of the levels of glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, globin, albumin, and total protein; and immunological characteristics, the delayed hypersensitivity test in wattles, relative weight, and evidence of Fabricia's gland. The findings show that, when compared to the other research groups , the addition of (MOLE) at a level of 0.06%/liter of drinking water significantly improved all evaluated attributes (P≤0.05).


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