Innovative Pipeline Solution for Water Scarcity in Iraq


  • Wafaa Fadhil Abbas Collage of Civil Engineering, AL Mustansiria University, Baghdad, Iraq



Euphrates and Tigrisurt, Southern Iraq, Shatt Al Arab


This project aims to transport potable water from Mosul Dam Lake to Basra Governorate via a pipeline designed to meet specific engineering requirements. The pipeline intersects reservoirs in central and southern governorates, supporting the Shatt al-Arab using the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The route, optimized through spatial data analysis, leverages topographical inclines for efficient water flow. The project addresses a critical need for potable water in central and southern regions, functions as an emergency backup for potential dam failures along the Tigris, and operates to maintain urban water quality amidst river pollution. Additionally, the pipeline's interior routing mitigates risks from terrorism and evaporation. Employing artificial intelligence in project management ensures cost-effective and efficient pipeline administration. This study highlights the innovative approach to water transport, addressing health, environmental, and security challenges, and filling a significant gap in regional water resource management.


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