Correlation of Metabolic and Ionic Components of Follicular Fluid with Estrogen Concentration


  • Hadeel Alwan Abed Al- Mussaib Technical College, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, 51009, Babylon, Iraq;
  • Alaa Abbas Fadhel Al- Mussaib Technical College, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, 51009, Babylon, Iraq
  • Rasha Ali Judi Al- Mussaib Technical College, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, 51009, Babylon, Iraq



follicular fluid, follicular size, ionic, Estroge


This study was aimed to assess the correlation between the metabolic and ionic
composition of ovarian follicular fluid and its relationship to the concentration of estrogen and
prolactin hormones as the follicle size changes in the local female cows. Ovaries were collected (80
ovaries) from non- pregnant 40 adult females cow at Hilla slaughterhouse at Babil province. The
gathered ovaries were transported to the laboratory within two hours. Follicular fluid was pulled
from small (2-5 mm) follicles, medium (6-10 mm), and large (11-20 mm) follicles, then it stored at 5 °
C until assayed. Follicular fluid samples were analyzed for metabolites composition of (cholesterol,
total protein, and glucose), and ionic composition (calcium, phosphorus, copper, magnesium,
zinc) ,and hormone concentration ( estrogen and prolactin). The results of the study showed that the
total protein and glucose concentrations were increased significantly(p> 05.0) with increased of
follicle size. The study also showed the calcium, copper, and phosphorus concentration were
increased significantly(p> 05.0) with changes of follicular size, as well as the estrogen concentration
was significantly increased (p > 05.0) With increased follicular size. A significantly (p> 05.0)
correlation was found between both magnesium, zinc ions, and estrogen hormone.


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