Effect of Rapid Desiccation with Ethanol Immersion on Viability and Vigor of Some Rice Seeds (Oryza sativa L.)


  • Tri Rahayuningsih University of Merdeka Malang
  • Agus Suryanto univ
  • Dyah Erlina Sulistyaningrum University of Merdeka Malang




rapid desiccation, rice varieties, seed viability and vigor


The availability of quality seeds is important in crop cultivation, so quality seeds must be
available when farmers need them. Quality seeds must be able to be stored for a long time. Rapid
aging through soaking with 95% ethanol within 5 minutes, can predict the shelf life of seeds. Rice
seeds that were treated with rapid soaking were Inpari 45 (V1), Sunggal (V2), Memberamo (V3) and
Ciherang (V4) varieties. From the results of the analysis of variance, the observation parameters of
Germination Power (DB), Maximum Growth Potential (PTM) and Keserempakan Tumbuh (KST)
were significantly different (1%). Of the four varieties, after the seeds were soaked in 95% ethanol
for 5 minutes DB, PTM and KST decreased very drastically. The order of varieties based on their seed
viability and vigor levels, from high to low, are Inpari 45 (V1), Memberamo (V3) Sunggal (V2) and
Ciherang (V4). Inpari 45 (V1) has the highest germination rate (DB) of 39%, while Ciherang (V4) has
the lowest germination rate (DB) of 15.67%. These results suggest that the Inpari 45 (V1) variety can
be stored longer than the other three varieties. Viability and vigor of seeds are not only controlled
by environmental factors but also influenced by genetic factors


napid desiccatio, rice varieties, seed viability and vigor


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