Development of Discovery Learning Learning Based on Pimca On Business and Energy Materials at SMP Lokon St. Nicolaus Tomohon


  • Tarima Jessica Veronica Manado State University


PIMCA, Learning Method, Junior High School


Science learning in junior high school was developed as an integrative science subject, not as a science discipline education. Integrative science means combining various aspects, namely the domains of attitudes, knowledge and skills. Substantially, science can be used as a tool to develop domains of attitudes, knowledge and skills. Science teachers must also have interdisciplinary science abilities demonstrated in science (knowledge). Science and also its relationship with the technological environment.

The PIMCA Learning Approach (Presentation, Idea-Mapping, Conceptualization, Formative Assessment) is an alternative that can be used and has great potential in science learning. Poluakan & Katuuk (2022) in PIMCA: A New Alternatives to Physics Learning Model wrote that using PIMCA in the classroom turned out to be effective as a physics learning model. The PIMCA learning model which consists of presentation, idea mapping, conceptualization and formative assessment can improve the ability to master the material and can trigger students to construct concepts correctly.

In implementing Discovery Learning using the PIMCA approach, learning media is needed that must be aligned and in accordance with concept mapping needs. So, developing learning media that will be used in class will really help the effectiveness of the learning process and delivery in class, and directly the PIMCA learning model is also expected to develop through the learning media developed.

Based on the description above, researchers are encouraged to develop a product which will be developed in the form of a discovery learning teaching module which will be executed using the PIMCA approach which is expected to solve students' misconceptions.

Therefore, researchers are interested in conducting PIMCA-based Discovery Learning Learning Development research on Business and Energy Material at Lokon St. Middle School. Nikolaus Tomohon.




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