Selection of Productive Resources in Wheat Breeding


  • Musirmanov Dilshod Esirgapovich Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences (Phd), senior researcher, Scientific Research Institute of Plant Genetic Resources, Kibray, Uzbekistan,
  • Bekmirzaev Farkhod Khursanovich Researchers, Scientific Research Institute of Plant Genetic Resources, Kibray, Uzbekistan


wheat, barley, variety samples, lodging resistance, productivity, weight of 1000 grains, yellow rust, brown rust, selection, tillering, productivityridge


In the article, productivity indicators of varieties and samples of winter soft wheat and barley regionalized in regional conditions and brought from abroad through international scientific centers: the number of clusters, weight of 1000 grains, length and number of the first joint from the ground level, resistance to lodging and rust diseases, and the study of high productivity indicators the results of the research carried out for the purpose of selecting available sources and involving them in selection studies are presented.


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