Outdated (Forgotten or Semi-Forgotten) Phraseology in the Vocabulary of Modern Russian


  • Turakulova Zarina Mardonkulovna Teacher of the department of Russian Language and Literature Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages


phraseological fund of language, active and passive of language, vocabulary composition, outdated phraseology, structure, semantics, necrotism, biblysms, archaisms, historicisms, outdated grammatical forms of words


In this article we will talk about obsolete units of the phraseological fund of the Russian language, including the vocabulary of phraseological expressions that have passed into the passive reserve of the language. Structural features of stable combinations are examined, the component characteristic of phraseology is given, in particular FE with outdated grammatical forms in its composition. Possible reasons for their withdrawal from active use are also given. The cases of return of phraseologisms into an asset of language and change of their semantic and functional qualities are considered.


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