Artificial Intelligence in the Process of Simultaneous Translation


  • Saidova Marjona Abdimutal qizi Student of Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages



machine translation, rules-based translation


Artificial intelligence, like translators, has the ability to quickly translate communication from one language to another at the same time. Until recently, it was considered just a fantasy. But today we can see that any person standing in different corner of the world can talk to people of other nationalities as if they were talking in their mother tongue. This is done on the basis of ordinary headphones, with the help of artificial intelligence. In many conferences, simultaneous interpretation is also done on the basis of artificial intelligence. When a speaker is speaking in one language, the listener is able to hear him in his own national language with the help of an artificial translation service. Despite the many advantages of using this type of computerized translation service in the simultaneous translation process, there are also some misunderstandings in the translation process.




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Abdimutal qizi, S. M. (2024). Artificial Intelligence in the Process of Simultaneous Translation. International Journal of Language Learning and Applied Linguistics, 3(1), 77–81.