The Influence and Importance of Corpus Linguistics in the Field of Translation


  • Yodgorova Billurabonu Shuhrat qizi The student of Bukhara State University, Foreign languages Faculty


Corpus linguistics, corpora, corpus-based translation, computer science, accessibility of translation, ready-made texts, quality of translation, concordance


Corpus linguistics is one of the technology-based tools that could be very useful in translation, language teaching and literature but still has not been widely used or tested. Nevertheless, in the recent years, the use of corpora in language has started to develop. Many researches have been conducted to differentiate the corpus system with traditional translation or on writing process. The use of authentic and real-life exemplifications with foreign learners is more salutary than examples that are made up by the polyglots and do not pretend real life use of language. Using computer-based corpus is a bit more reliable and effective than that of doing it individually. In other words, computer has affected the quantity of process and quality of ready work that it simplified complicated and long-lasted period. However, corpus is highly-relevant with computer system. This paper devoted to the difference between between traditional and corpus-based translation, it's importance for translation science and researches about the level of awareness of people on corpus linguistics.


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