Communication Tactics for Culture Communication in International Media: Special Reference to Cri -Sinhala Service


  • Dasuni Nayanthara Jayarathne Lecturer, Department of Languages and Communication Studies, Faculty of Business and Communication Studies, Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University



Culture Communication, Communication Strategies, CRI- Sinhala service


This research has been conducted to identify the communication strategies of China Radio International Sinhala Service for educating the Chinese Culture on international audience. The research’s main aim is to identify the communication strategies for cultural communication towards an international audience. The research has selected Chinese New Year 2023 as the case study to indicate the communication strategies of cultural communication. This is qualitative research and the data has been collected through secondary content such as the CRI website, Facebook page, and radio. This study has used content analysis to get the findings. The radio can be identified as the highest reported media of CRI- Sinhala Service. Further, it follows the website and Facebook. They were reporting about several sectors of culture such as food, language, decorations, celebrations and etc. to create an image of the Chinese New Year in international audience. They have been using different communication strategies such as multi-ethnic presenters, typography, infotainment, neutral and persuasive language, conversational texts and etc. These all the strategies CRI has been used to send the message clearly to the international audience. There are a few limitations in the research as this has been conducted about particular international media and the communication strategies have been identified in the culture communication only. Further, this has been selected only for the 2023 Chinese New Year. This is using only the secondary data to do the content analysis and, in the future, this can be expanded. As overall it can be mentioned that the Radio reported higher than the new media, but the Facebook audience responses were high though the limited posts created about the New Year.


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