Translation Terms, Factors and Techniques


  • Kuzieva Iroda Shavkatovna Student of Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages



Terms, terminology, techniques, modulation, calque, equivalence, descriptive translation, transcription, contextual meaning, classification of terms


Due to the different aspects of the source language and the target language, there are some techniques involved in the translation process in order to achieve the equivalence of terms and glossaries. An increase in the number of specialists involved in international communication, entail an increased interest in the study of terminology and the problem of its translation. In the process of perception, understanding, interpretation and translation of terms, the main task is to convey to the recipient the deep cognitive content of terminological units in the most clear, concise, familiar form for representatives of the receiving linguistic culture. Translation of terms in various spheres requires translators to have a fairly deep theoretical knowledge of this subject area of science, to have some preparation in the practice of written translation, functional stylistics, text linguistics, and also terminology. The translation process when working with texts is characterized by certain specifics and regularities, which comes to light when studying translation decisions related to translating terms. In light of the foregoing, the purpose of this article is to analyze the methods for translating terms between two languages.


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