Significance of Non-Traditional Methods at these Days


  • Bazarbayeva M. Zh Master of group M1703-11, Research supervisor
  • Kiyassova K. K Acting associative professor, of the foreign language department, candidate of pedagogical sciences South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University



non-traditional, creative, attention quality


The main goal of non-traditional methods is to arouse and maintain the interest of students, but not through the curriculum, but to deviate from the canons established by modern education. This can increase efficiency.

Unconventional methods are mostly liked by students because they are completely different from the usual ones, but these methods should not be neglected. Such methods should not be used often, otherwise they have a chance to become traditional methods and lack efficiency.




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M. Zh, B. ., & K. K, K. . (2022). Significance of Non-Traditional Methods at these Days. International Journal of Inclusive and Sustainable Education, 1(6), 188–189.