Choice of Forming Technologies Professional Competencies of Students


  • Dusmurodova Iroda EFL teacher Uzbekistan State World Language University the department of practical English translation



pedagogical technology, pedagogical foundations, education and upbringing, pedagogical system, educational process, interaction


In order to achieve the educational goals of forming a university graduate as a subject of future professional activity, own development, as well as a subject of interpersonal relations in a team and the labor market, it is necessary that a person in the educational process be considered as a subject of activity, which itself, being formed in activity and in communication with others people determines the nature of this activity. The following article discusses the study of choosing appropriate technologies of professional competencies of students.




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Iroda, D. . (2022). Choice of Forming Technologies Professional Competencies of Students. International Journal of Inclusive and Sustainable Education, 1(6), 181–184.