Research in Contemporary Translation Studies


  • Azimova Mohigul Tojiddinovna Teachers at Andijan State University
  • Boqiyeva Mavjuda Shokirovna Teachers at Andijan State University



contemporary Translation Studies, turns, trends, directions


Translation Studies (hereafter abbreviated as TS) is now a fairly well established academic discipline related to the study of the translation theory and practice. Since its formal beginnings in the 1970’s, it has witnessed an unprecedented growth and “has moved from the study of words to text to sociocultural context to the working practices of the translators themselves” (Munday 2016: 27). A notable characteristic of recent TS research has been its interdisciplinarity as it has had links to linguistics (especially semantics; pragmatics; applied, contrastive and cognitive linguistics), modern language studies, comparative literature, cultural studies (including gender and postcolonial studies), philosophy (of language and meaning, hermeneutics, deconstruction and ethics) and in recent years also to creative writing and sociology.




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