Moral Culture as a Beautiful Quality of Human Behavior


  • Havaskhan Omonovna Solieva Fergana regional branch of Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture
  • Bahromjon Abdurasulovich Jabbarov Khojand State University



Ideal, virtue, decency, morality, moral education, moral culture, moral consciousness, moral attitude and moral activity


Man is the greatest creature in existence. Moral culture is related to his moral education. After all, moral education is one of the continuous processes that ensures the development of a person as a person and the achievement of moral culture. Beautiful qualities adorn a person. Good virtue is the wealth of society, it has a universal meaning. People with positive qualities influence society and accelerate its development. Ethical culture includes aspects such as a person's acquisition of the moral experiences of society and the use of these experiences in interactions in society, as well as regular self-improvement.




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Solieva, H. O. ., & Jabbarov, B. A. . (2022). Moral Culture as a Beautiful Quality of Human Behavior. International Journal of Inclusive and Sustainable Education, 1(6), 46–49.