Causes of Computer Addiction among Young People


  • O. M. Turdiyeva FerS U
  • F. K. Qahhorova FerS U
  • D. B. Xusayinov Kokand SPI
  • A. Abdurahmonova Kokand SPI



addiction to computer socioeconomically, constitutional and biological, individual – psychological factors, hereditary illnesses, moral factor, physiological processes, disadaptation


In this article, the addiction of young people to computers and the Internet is not only a medical or moral problem of individuals, rather, it decides the fate of an entire nation, determines its future, has a significant impact on the culture and growth of modern youth, and paid attention to the fact that the use of a computer exceeding the norm requires a pedagogical-psychological, biological-physiological, medical approach.




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Turdiyeva, O. M. ., Qahhorova, F. K. ., Xusayinov, D. B. ., & Abdurahmonova, A. . (2022). Causes of Computer Addiction among Young People. International Journal of Inclusive and Sustainable Education, 1(5), 312–316.