Legal Basis of Youth Rights Guarantees


  • Sadikova Yorkinoy Salijonovna Samarkand State University, Faculty of Law, Head of the Department of State Legal Sciences, (Candidate of Legal Sciences)
  • Khojamov Shakhzodjon Khasan ugli Student of the 2nd stage of the 202nd group of Samarkand State University



Raising a healthy and competent generation, providing youth with decent education, working with minors, ensuring youth employment, crime prevention


In this article, a wide range of work is being carried out on raising a healthy and mature generation, realizing the creative and intellectual potential of young people, and creating the necessary conditions and opportunities. A number of mechanisms have been created to ensure and protect the rights of minors. In the Appeal of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev to the Oliy Majlis, special attention is paid to the issue of providing decent education to young people and realizing their scientific aspirations.




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Salijonovna, S. Y. ., & ugli, K. S. K. . (2022). Legal Basis of Youth Rights Guarantees. International Journal of Inclusive and Sustainable Education, 1(5), 210–214.