The Morphemic and Semantic Analysis of Words


  • Djumamuratova Ramiza PhD, docent of KSU
  • Aytmuratova Tursinay Elmuratovna A second year master student of KSU



The segmentation of words is generally carried out according to the method of Immediate and ultimate constituents. This method is based on the binary principle, i.e. each stage of the procedure involves two components the word immediately breaks into. Each immediate constituent at the next stage of analysis is in turns broken into smaller meaningful elements. The analysis is completed when we arrive at constituents incapable of further division, i.e. morphemes. These are referred to Ultimate Constituents.




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Ramiza, D. ., & Elmuratovna, A. T. . (2022). The Morphemic and Semantic Analysis of Words. International Journal of Inclusive and Sustainable Education, 1(5), 192–194.