Professional Competences in Teaching Foreign Languages


  • Uktamova Zarina Abduvahob qizi Master of Jizzakh State Pedagogical University



competence, linguistic competence, professional, technology, linguist, skill


One of the most important tasks that is being solved today in the course of university and postgraduate training of a foreign language teacher is the development of his desire to learn, update his knowledge, improve skills and competences, one of which is vocational and linguistic. In the modern education system, the requirements for a teacher of a foreign language in schools and universities have significantly increased. Tendencies to strengthen the general humanitarian and philological training of graduates of schools and universities require a new quality of philological and linguistic training of the teacher herself. In the modern rapidly developing society, the need for professionally competent teachers is growing more and more. The professional competence of the teacher, first of all, is connected with her ability to solve professional problems and problems arising during the educational process.




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