Comprehension strategies of English language learners in reading


  • Xolmatova Nilufar -



learners, reading, ELLs, strategy, using illustrations to interact with text, frame sentences, About-Point


This article consists of information about reading process and useful strategies how to teach reading for ELLs students to learn and improve reading comprehension. These students should develop academic English language skills along with content knowledge. Since every teacher is a teacher of a language, the base of class is to provide learners expand their all skills. Many older teachers do not know enough about modern teaching ways under the pressure of old teaching and learning process.  Nowadays it takes a long time to catch up with cognitive academic language skills.




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Nilufar , X. (2022). Comprehension strategies of English language learners in reading. International Journal of Inclusive and Sustainable Education, 1(5), 7–9.