Impact of Subsidy Removal and Curriculum Implementation in Nigerian Schools


  • Dr. Mrs. Ohiare Udebu M.F Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education University of Abuja



This paper assessed the impact of subsidy removal on curriculum implementation in Nigerian schools. Using secondary data which were collected from online publications and print materials.  The paper concluded that subsidy removal in Nigeria has affected implementation of curriculum in educational institutions in Nigeria. The subsidy removal have affected administrative staff, teachers and led to increase in prices of providing infrastructure facilities in educational institutions and procurement of instructional materials for curriculum implementation in schools across the country. 20% of subsidy funds saved should be allocated to education at the federal, state and local government councils. This will help to meet up with the cost of infrastructural facilities. Government should provide schools buses to all educational institutions to enable schools transport their teachers, administrative staff and students to schools. Government should provide schools with instructional materials (teaching and learning) for ease implementation of school curriculum.       




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Dr. Mrs. Ohiare Udebu M.F. (2023). Impact of Subsidy Removal and Curriculum Implementation in Nigerian Schools. International Journal of Inclusive and Sustainable Education, 2(11), 126–131.