Management of Innovations by Increasing the Efficiency of Innovation Activity of the Enterprise


  • Odinakhon A. Mamajonova Andijan Construction-Economic Institute, Andijan, Uzbekistan



business models, globalization, innovation, radical innovation, innovation management


This essay explores the intricacies of managing and implementing innovation, highlighting the obstacles that frequently stand in the way of advancement in this field. The goal of the study is to clear the path for more successful innovation tactics by identifying these barriers. The study delineates distinct approaches targeted at optimizing the process of invention generation, with an emphasis on reducing both temporal and monetary outlays. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of current obstacles and inadequacies, the research provides valuable suggestions for improving the management framework that oversees innovation initiatives in businesses. These suggestions aim to improve the distribution of resources, expedite procedures, and create an atmosphere that is more favorable for the growth of innovation.


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