Lexicography and Terminological System of the Uzbek Language


  • Ergashova Yulduz Asror qizi Navoi State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of English Language and Literature, 1st stage master's degree




Lexicography, Uzbek language, dictionaries, terminology, terminological system, specialized vocabulary, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan


This article discusses the lexicography and terminological system of the Uzbek language, focusing on the compilation, organization, and analysis of dictionaries, as well as the development of specialized vocabulary and terminology. Lexicography plays a crucial role in documenting and describing words, their meanings, and usage within the Uzbek language. Additionally, the terminological system ensures accurate and standardized terminology for various subject areas. Efforts by the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan and other linguistic institutions have resulted in the creation of comprehensive dictionaries, terminological databases, and glossaries. These resources contribute to effective communication, knowledge sharing, and language preservation within Uzbek-speaking communities and beyond.




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Asror qizi, E. Y. . (2023). Lexicography and Terminological System of the Uzbek Language. American Journal of Science and Learning for Development, 2(9), 5–10. https://doi.org/10.51699/ajsld.v2i9.2473