Smart Cards Reshape Iraqi Banking Service Quality


  • Abbas Ali Sara Department of Banking and Financial Sciences, University of Basra, College of Administration and Economics, Basra, Iraq.


Smart Cards, Perceived Service Quality


This research investigates the impact of smart card banking services on perceived service quality in Iraqi commercial banks, aiming to assess the level of adoption and its correlation with customer satisfaction. Key findings reveal shortcomings in ATM and POS infrastructure alongside deficiencies in technical and marketing aspects, urging a focus on service enhancement. Results indicate a positive relationship between smart card services and perceived quality, suggesting improvements in smart card offerings can positively influence customer perception. Recommendations include expanding ATM and POS networks, investing in technical expertise, and prioritizing market research for service innovation. Additionally, enhancing communication infrastructure and regulatory collaboration are crucial for overcoming existing challenges. These findings underscore the importance of adapting banking services to meet customer expectations effectively and highlight avenues for future research to explore long-term impacts and optimization strategies.


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