Data-Driven Strategies for Improving Global Counterfeit Currency Surveillance: A Big Data Perspective


  • Md Sajadul Alam Computer Science and Engineering, American International University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Sazzad Hossain MSc in Computer Networks and Systems Security, University of Hertfordshire, London, United Kingdom
  • Anjuman Ara Management Information Systems, College of Business, Beaumont, Texas, USA
  • Abu Shaker Msc in Cybersecurity and Forensic Information Technology, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom


Counterfeit Currency Detection, Data Science in Finance, Machine Learning Algorithms, Blockchain Technology, Financial Fraud Surveillance


The study delves into the application of data science and emerging technologies in the detection and surveillance of counterfeit currency, a burgeoning challenge with significant implications for the global financial system. With counterfeiters employing increasingly sophisticated methods to circumvent traditional detection mechanisms, this research emphasizes the integration of advanced data analytics, machine learning models, and pattern recognition algorithms to enhance the efficacy of counterfeit detection operations. Utilizing a comprehensive dataset derived from financial transactions, law enforcement reports, and social media analytics, the study showcases the superiority of data-driven approaches over conventional methods in identifying and mitigating the circulation of counterfeit notes. Through a detailed examination of the methodologies employed, including data preprocessing and the application of machine learning techniques, this research highlights key findings that demonstrate the potential of technologies such as blockchain and AI in revolutionizing the fight against counterfeit currency. The study also discusses the implications of these findings for policymakers, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies, underscoring the importance of collaboration, technological innovation, and the exploration of new data sources. Furthermore, the research addresses the challenges and limitations encountered, including data accessibility and ethical considerations, while proposing areas for future investigation to overcome these hurdles and advance the field of counterfeit currency detection. This study contributes to the development of more sophisticated, efficient, and adaptive surveillance and detection systems, offering a promising outlook for enhancing the integrity of global financial systems in the face of evolving counterfeiting threats.


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