Digital Marketing System for Fishery Industry Products (literature review)


  • Lis M. Yapanto Aquatic Resources Management, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs Gorontalo State University



education, digital marketing, fishery products, online marketing


Conduct a literature study regarding digital marketing of fisheries industry products in Indonesia. The advantages gained when marketing fisheries product commodities online include being efficient in terms of time, costs and energy for carrying out promotions. The online system can be accessed by anyone, anytime and anywhere so it can be used as a very massive promotional event. Apart from that, entrepreneurs and consumers of fishery products can be closer even though they are very far away. Besides that, with the existence of an online marketing system, the credibility of the fisheries commodity business is considered more promising in the eyes of consumers. To carry out digital marketing, it is necessary to increase public knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).




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Lis M. Yapanto. (2024). Digital Marketing System for Fishery Industry Products (literature review). International Journal of Business Diplomacy and Economy, 3(1), 73–78.