Innovative Motivation Methods of Staff At Small and Private Business Enterprises


  • Maripova Shahlo Akramovna Researcher, Namangan State University



Lack of motivation, small business, favourable environment, human resource management, job performance, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, financial motivation


.This article discusses one of the crucial challenges for small businesses today- issue of motivation at staff members which in the long run can lead either to prosperity of business or to the failure of it. The aim of this work is to study the reasons and consequences of this phenomenon for small business and private enterprises. During our research we comprehensively studied the works of world expertise on the raised issue, different research methods were used such as abstraction, induction   and   deduction, methods of observation, logical and structural analysis, grouping, mutual and comparative comparison. Various concepts of work motivation were analysed, concepts proposed by A.Maslow, K.Alderfer, McCelland, F.Herzberg were studied in detail taking into account the specific of human resource management at small business companies. In conclusion, several recommendations were given for small businesses’ managers regarding creating favourable conditions for staff motivation at workplace.       




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Maripova Shahlo Akramovna. (2024). Innovative Motivation Methods of Staff At Small and Private Business Enterprises. International Journal of Business Diplomacy and Economy, 3(1), 59–63.